About Coding Education

Today, we are surrounded by many home appliances and automatic machinery. All these devices are operated by computer programs, software. In the future, where industry and life are automated, software becomes more important and, of course, software programmers will be transformed into an era that will lead the world.

What is Coding?

‘Coding’ is computer programming by logically arranging various commands using a computer language. In other words, the operation of inputting the algorithm (Algorithm), which is a logical sequence of commands, into a computer that can be understood by a computer is called ‘coding’.

It is difficult to think of coding as a simple technical task as the coding changes the language and enters the computer. The most important algorithm in computer programming is to combine instructions in order to solve the problem, and it is not the technology that is important in coding, but an idea to solve the problem with these algorithms.

Coding education

Coding training is not training to train simple software developers. Coding education is an instruction that educates learners how to team with others and problem solving ability to solve any problem, namely computing thinking.

Computational Thinking is the process of solving an unspecified problem. It is the process of deconstructing the problem, discovering similarities and differences, finding patterns that are repeated (Pattern Match), shortening the core concept Abstraction, problem solving, solving procedures are listed in sequence, the method of processing the number of cases is defined in the process, and the sequence of the beginning and the end of the process (Algorithm) Is to do. It is the education that raises the ability to analyze and solve complex and diverse problems based on the computing thinking necessary for our children to live in a rapidly changing future society. Read more…

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Why should I get coding training?

By learning these computational thinking, children can think creatively and logically, and problem-solving abilities, as well as problem-solving experiences, can challenge software designers to challenge them.

It is absolutely necessary for our children to live in the era of information technology industry such as artificial intelligence (AI), object internet (IoT), cloud computing, big data and blow chain, It is a necessary knowledge and skill.

In the 4th Information Industry Revolution era, expertise in a specific field is not important, and it is most important to solve various problems in real life based on the ability to think in a convergent way.

Coding, when and how should we start?

In order to build the basics of coding, you can learn the principle of the program as a “block-like language” rather than a real programming language. However, if you have a curiosity about intelligence and coding that can understand the principles of algorithms, even young children, regardless of age, can start coding in earnest through the actual “programming language.” Computational Thinking, that is, anyone can learn computer programming while learning the flow and principles of which methods and commands are used to solve a given problem.


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